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Gardein Fishless Filets Review

Good evening, everyone!

Today is Product Review Sunday and the product is Fishless Filets by Gardein. It has more than a year since I began purchasing this product. I could not believe it taste like the real thing, except no fish were harm while making this product. This review is going to brief since tomorrow is Memorial Day and I want to share this review to you guys!

I am going to give a brief summary about the Gardein company. Gardein is a international company located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada which was found by a chef and culinary expert, Yves Potvin. The company is known for their meat-free and vegan friendly products from holiday roast to the beefless beef tips and so forth. They even have a second located which it is in California.



This is one of my favorite faux seafood products I have ever purchase from my local grocery store of choice. It almost taste similar to real fish except it is made from plant based products. Although I am not a vegan, I became a fanatic of this fish-free filets since I first purchase it. Even the non vegans and vegetarians can be easily fooled believing it is real fish except it is vegan. I would normally buy at my local Kroger or at Walmart for a cheaper route, but there are also available at Target, Whole Foods, Earth Fare, etc. I will rate this a 10 out of 10 for their quality of taste and easy preparations.

The serving size is two pieces in a six count package for 180 calories. Down below is the nutrition facts of the fishless filets.


So that wraps up the product review for today and check back on Sundays for another product review. Also, feel free to check the website at www.gardein.com for more information about this product and/or other Gardein food products. Okay everyone I will see you next time!

My First Product Review!

Good afternoon, my friends

Today I will be reviewing one of the products from Hilary’s. I have never tried these products before so I am reviewing one of the products by Hilary’s. This will be my first time trying out one of the salad dressings from Hilary’s.  If you are not familiar with Hilary’s products I will tell a brief description about the company. The company is located in Lawrence, Kansas and it is known for their allergy friendly products with real natural ingredients nothing artificial nor fillers in all of the products.


All I have to say is this really taste exactly like ranch dressing except without eggs or dairy! The taste reminds me of tartar sauce without the pickled relish, but instead uses herbs and other spices. Although I am not really a fan of ranch dressing I will go for this in sub for the real thing.


  • Free of dairy and eggs
  • Taste similar to the real thing
  •  Pretty much great with anything


  • I wish the bottle was larger
  • Really thick and hard to come out of the bottle
  • I would love a larger quantity size


And did you know that all of the Hilary’s Eat Well products are autism friendly for some children and even adults who are sensitive to wheat and dairy products. I was thrilled to find out about this being friendly to all certain food allergies and it is vegan!


I could not wait to try out more products by Hilary’s Eat Well products because I am inspired by watching YouTube videos about their products and how much they have enjoyed the food items. Leave me a comment below in the comment box if you have tried their products or are willing to try out the products.

That concludes the review and I hope you all enjoy it! And I also want to show my appreciation to the company in sending me the coupons for Hilary’s Eat Well and trying out a few of the products!