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Autistic Pride Day!!

Sunday is usually product review day, but today I want to do something different instead just for you. Since the month of June is Pride Month meaning acceptance, guidance, and so forth by today’s society. Many of us have faced challenges where others tend to shame and/or judge us due to our differences whether you have a disability or the choice of sexual orientation other than heterosexual. There is also hate-crime and discrimination that has taken place in today’s society from harassment to abuse (physically, mentally, verbally).

In honor of Pride Month, June 18th is Autistic Pride Day and also Father’s Day. I want to share my four reasons why I want to support autistic pride day:

  1. I want to be accepted
  2. I want others to understand me
  3. I want to help others who are going through the same crises
  4. I want to end discrimination towards people with certain disabilities

As you all may know, I have high functioning autism and I would like to come around with others who are facing these obstacles whether it is hate crime and/or discrimination. Do anybody you know have these similar form of autism whether it is Asperger’s Syndrome or Pervasive developmental disorder, not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) and still dealing with discrimination by your peers?


Acceptance is always the #1 key in the autism world. People in today’s society are unaware that autism is not curable, but can be treated with speech and cognitive therapy. We all need to be aware in our surroundings when you see other victims with autism being discriminated due to his/her actions believing we are in trouble with society.


Understanding is the #2 key in the autism world. People, nowadays, do not understand the challenges and obstacles we are facing in this society because we are consider “aliens” in their minds meaning we are being defeated by others by using these harsh words like “stupid”, “idiot”, and much worse “retarded”. The use of the “R” word by people who are not willing to understand and to be hateful. We are highly intelligent in an strange way and we also succeed in our successes without having to give up on our goals and achievements.

In closing, since June is pride month I decide I want to share my thoughts about the challenges we are facing in today’s society whether it is sexual orientation or any type of disabilities. Always remember accepting, understanding, supporting, and encouraging others not to discriminated because of his/her challenges. I want to end this with the quote by Amy Sequenzia, “Autism is life. I know. I live it every  day. And I am happy”.