About Me

My name is Carmela Clemons and blogger. I am twenty six years old and I am just a regular autistic, young woman with a good heart. I am a college graduate with a bachelors degree in Business Administration: Management. My goals with the next few years are becoming an entrepreneur, traveling, giving out meaningful advice, becoming more devoted in yoga, and most importantly gaining my Christian faith. I will also be focusing on my life a young adult with autism and inspiring those you know who are in the spectrum.

I will be talking about natural hair, personal reviews (either food, restaurants, special events, etc.), vegetarianism, and so forth. I would even talk mainly about autism and the challenges we have face since early childhood until adulthood.

On Sundays I do reviews on products and on every other Thursdays I discuss on autism

Hope you guys will enjoy reading this blog and feel free to like, comment, or  ask question in regards of the topic!


Your friend, Carmela