Dating on an Autism Spectrum Part I!

Good afternoon, everyone

Today is Thursday May 25, 2017 and I will be discussing on this topic that everyone on an autism spectrum who are desperate to move forward within their lives. Today’s topic is dating on an autism spectrum. I know there are many of others who are dating on an autism spectrum whether it is online and/or in person. There are some ups and downs about dating and starting a relationships on an autism spectrum meaning we are hesitant to hold a conversation, we are uneasy with unfamiliar aspects, and so forth. Below there are questions and answers about dating and advice to begin your dating journey.

Question #1. Do you believe in online dating websites or in person dating?

Answer: I believe more on in person dating than I do online dating website. The reason I prefer meeting someone in person is because I would have a better description whether he is well-educated, he has a good job, he does not have a bad background (in other words, has a criminal history, history of beating women, and so on), etc.



Nowadays, online dating sites can be dangerous and the reason for that is “catfishing” which results in people getting hurt or worse because they lie about his/her appearance or going by pseudo names. So I would not use online dating sites while trying to find the right significant other for me. It is my only opinion upon whether I prefer online dating or in-person dating.


Question #2. Are you currently in a relationship? If not, how are you enjoying your single life?

Answer: I am not currently in a relationship right now. As a single person, I am waiting for the right guy who understands me being autistic and/or have something in common whether if he is on a spectrum or similar interests.

Question #3. What can I do to ask a person out on a date while on an autism spectrum whether or not he/she is on a spectrum? 

Answer: It takes time to get to know a person and do not try to rush into a relationship until he/she ready to be committed. Or if he/she is not the right person for you, ask to just be friends.

This concludes the first half on dating on an autism spectrum and the second half of part 1 where I will be talking about examples from movies and documentaries that deal with dating on an autism spectrum. I hope this answer your questions about dating and starting a relationship while on an autism spectrum. Be on the look out for part on the series of relationships and marriages on an autism spectrum.

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