Autism Story

Hello everyone

Today is the last day of Autism Awareness Month and I want to close it with my autism story. I know it is kind of like a last-minute post before the beginning of May and the closing of April. Any who, I was inspired to post my autism story by watching videos of people with autism on YouTube and reading blogs about one’s autism story. So I want to share my story to you guys, here it goes.

As you all may know that I am a triplet (two girls and one boy). I was one of the triplets to be diagnosed with autism due to a bad reaction to the vaccinations during my infancy so my mother has taken me to a pediatrician wondering what is wrong with me. Once I have reached three years old, that is when the pediatrician diagnosed me for autism due to the early signs of development delays in my early childhood where I begin to flapping my arms, babbling, taking speech therapy appointments, and so forth.

The days when I was in elementary and junior high school were a roller coaster ride for me due to the bullying by some of my classmates because nobody understands the struggles with socializing with other children, being called names, and making true friends. Although I made good grades during my school days I would often get A’s and B’s on most school subjects and even in PE. In high school, I still struggle a little to socialize with other students because I get hesitated on what I have to say and would stutter when I get nervous speaking to people.

During my college days, I would often has reasonable accommodations when it comes to exam days to avoid distractions by things around my surrounding which resulting me in putting into room with minimum distractions. Although I made academic honor roll five semesters in a roll, I did not make dean’s list or president’s list because it was impossible for me to maintain above a 3.5 GPA. I even prove doubters wrong once I graduated from college last year due to me retaking classes which I did not pass and taking remedial classes during my freshman year.

That is part of my brief autism story and will get back into blogging as soon as possible. Now that I am 26 years old my future goals for my life are traveling, helping others with the struggles, and so on. Hope you all take the time to read this post and let me know what you think. In closing, I will post to you guys really soon!


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