Autism Awareness Month Starts April 2!

Today is the day that March is coming to a close for this year. Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day and the following day is the beginning of Autism Awareness month! I know most of you all are aware that April is Autism Awareness month meaning understanding and acceptance for those who do not know our trials and tribulations we have been through since early childhood. This month I will be sharing my personal story on how I was diagnosed with autism, but my twin siblings who are not on the spectrum. I will also discuss how autism is defined, the early signs, the cause, and whether or not autism is curable or treatable.

What is Autism?

For starters, I would define autism as a developmental disorder/disability which impacts with the ability to socialize and communicate with other people around his/her surroundings. I have research various definitions on how the word “autism” is defined. These diagnosis can be categorized by the severity based upon his/her characterization (verbal or nonverbal communication).

What are the Early Signs?

Parents of children with autism should be aware of early signs which lead to the diagnosis. Here are a few listed below:

  • Not responding to one’s names once being called
  • Flapping of the arms
  • Delaying in development
  • Repeating behaviors
  • Speaking in single words between 24 and 36 months
  • Hurting oneself
  • Banging of head

What Causes Autism? And Is there a Cure? 

Some of us believe that the vaccinations are the cause of children to diagnose with autism such as MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella), environmental factors, and genetics.  Therefore, it is still questionable about the cause of autism. There is no cure for autism, however, it can be treated by going to speech therapy, family doctors, early childhood counselors, etc. NOTE: I respect everyone’s opinions, but correct me if I am wrong. This is my honest opinion. ;).

In the month of April, I will be sharing my personal story about my diagnosis with autism and I want to hear everyone or somebody you know about the challenges you all have faced and the emotional roller coaster you all or somebody dealt with throughout early childhood until present.

Thank you all once again!



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