Why Does Rejections Always Happened in Life?

There is only one of the few things I do not take as a young adult with autism is rejection. Why does rejection always occur in our lives? Does that mean that were not good enough or do not meet the requirements? Everyday in our lives we are dealing with rejections from the thing we strive on. For example, 1. being rejected from a prestige college/universities, 2. being rejected from the jobs which you have applied for, 3. being rejected from asking a girl/guy out on dates, 4. being rejected for not making the team (cheerleading, soccer, tennis, etc.) and so forth. We cannot do anything about it, but this is life. I know many of us cannot handle rejections to well like others.

If you feel like you could not handle rejection that well, you are not alone. I have moments when I have when I could not handle them as well as others. I would get upset, angry, and jealous because I want something that I would have in my lifetime. I also fall into a state where I lost interest in becoming motivated to do things in life and even lost faith in Christ, but all this has increase my motivation by finding another job or school that would take me in because of my talents and accomplishments. Although rejection is part of life which we dealt, is it is not the end of the world.

Here are a few ways, which I have learned, to not take rejections to personally:

  1. Accept from It
  2. Learn from it
  3. Be proud of what you have succeed
  4. Find something which is similar to prior accomplishment
  5. Think of another plan if all fails
  6. Think about your other objectives

All I can say is we struggle to find ways to accept rejections and begin to strive what we can do in life whether is looking for employments, applying for college/universities, finding significant others to be in our lives forever, and even trying out for sports. Rejections happen in life, we cannot undo it. So my advice is do not take it like it is the end of the world, find a back up plan or even be proud of your successes.




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