It is Officially the First of Spring!!

Today is March 20, 2017 and it is also the first day of spring! I have been anticipating for warmer weather for a while since yesterday was the last day of winter. There are many things which I have dealt with during winter which are snow, sickness, and below freezing temperature. I am sure nobody does not want to deal with it any longer since spring has sprung. But what can I say, since there are four seasons in year: spring, summer, autumn (fall), and winter.

I have a love/hate relationship with spring and here are the pros and cons listed:


  1. Fashion Statements (popular fashion fads, popular nail color, popular floral prints, etc.)
  2. Warm Weather
  3. Spring Cleaning
  4. Prom Night (for those in high school)
  5. Preparing for Graduation


  1. Pollen season
  2. Tornado season
  3. Relationship Breakup season
  4. Seasonal Allergies
  5. Daylight Saving Time

In the next couple of weeks I would like to begin sharing inspired recipes for the spring for instance, anything that is healthy and good for you. As you guys may know that I follow a vegetarian diet, which can be altered for those who do not follow this diet.  I have always wanted to include recipes on my blog from the get go because I want to inspire you guys on living in a healthier lifestyle for diets like low-calorie, vegan/vegetarian, low-carb, etc.

In closing, I hope you all are doing well and begin enjoying this warm season that is now here since winter came to a close yesterday.

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