Spring Break Season Time!!

Spring break, the best week of my life while in school (high school and college)! The word “spring break” is defined as the time of rest from all the school projects, exams, and classwork in general. And also to go to the beaches along with traveling. I know most of us need some time to recharge ourselves after mid-terms because it can be stressful at all times. Boy, I sure do remember those times where mid-term week takes place while I was in college. All I have to say is it really sucks. 😦

Any who, here are a few advice while traveling for spring break:

  1. Plan Ahead
  2. Where to Travel
  3. Budget Yourself
  4. Be Safe and Enjoy Yourself 🙂


Many students (college) know how to save their income while wanting to travel out of state or in countries and not have to worry about budget (rich people). While others who are on a tight budget has to limit their spending habits because transportation such as flights, trains, and buses, including boarding and food can be on the pricey side along with trying to go to different places such as Bali, Dubai, Atlantic City, Orange Beach, and the list goes on. I would suggest to use Expedia, Airbnb, Hotwire, and so forth for less expensive traveling.

I know for those who are in high school and wanting to take a week off from projects, teachers, and school period! I was in that same boat freshman until senior year, I feel your pain while anxiety is kicking in. As I recalled from high school, I remember spring break starting at the middle of March and in college the beginning of March. I do not usually do anything on spring break besides relaxing and spending time with family.

Hope these advice help you guys, if not then correct me if I am wrong! Any who, enjoy your spring break and do not be a fool.

Your friend, Carmela



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