Dating Someone who is Neurotypical while on an Autism Spectrum.

One of the most important things in life we are experiencing is finding Mr/Mrs. Right. Here is this question Do people on an autism spectrum date? And the answer is yes. People on an autism spectrum do date and eventually get married and have children, but I know it can be frustrating for some because we tend to get anxious, fear of rejection, etc.  I know many us have been in relationships in the past, but does not seem to work out how you for example, from a male/female having an affair outside the relationship to dealing with ones’ differences which results in breaking up/”calling it quits”.

Recently I have watched the Netflix comedy series, Atypical about Sam Gardner, a high school senior, on an autism spectrum on a mission to find romance despite his parents’ (mainly his mother) chagrin and his sister’s humor. Throughout the season he has shown romantic interest of his therapist, Julia after she encourage Sam to start dating. Eventually, a girl named Paige (who is not an autism spectrum) shows interest in him which makes her his “practice girlfriend” and also become a couple during the autism friendly school dance in the season finale.  I would not think that this show deals with finding love on an autism spectrum disorder and Asperger’s syndrome.


Here are the main criteria in dating:

  1. Typical questions people ask before dating and starting a relationship:”Will you go on date with me?” “Would you like to have coffee/tea sometime?”
  2. Typical sayings: “We should hang out sometimes.” “I will love to get more acquainted with you.”
  3. Getting to know you partner (similarities, interests/hobbies, hangout spots, etc.)
  4. “Are you ready for sex?”

Dating someone who is neurotypical have several difficulties in understanding acceptance of autism whether or not she/he are ready to commit a dating relationship without dealing with frustration and later learning about acceptance. Here is the link about where dating on an autism spectrum with a neurotypical person by Paddy-Joe Moran

What to do as a person with autism dating someone who is neurotypical?

  1. Communicate with them
  2. Get them to understand you are on an autism spectrum
  3. Eye contact
  4. Be a good listener
  5. Acceptance by your partner

The most important thing in life is finding a soul mate along with marriage and start a family. Dating is tough especially when on an autism spectrum because we have the tendency to develop anxiousness, fear of rejection, and so forth. However, while dating who is neurotypical often get frustrated and later understand the fact about learning about autism spectrum/Asperger’s. I really think dating is learning experience for everyone whether if your partner is on a spectrum or not. I know we often get anxious when meeting another person to be your life partner. My advice is to be yourself without scaring your mate away and it is okay to be nervous at first when your partner talks about sex.



Zombie Frappuccino at Starbucks for Limited Time Only

Good afternoon everyone, today is October 27, 2017 and only four more days until Halloween. In honor of Halloween although I do not celebrate,  I am going to talk you guys about this zombie frappuccino which is now currently at Starbucks for limited time only or when supplies last. The zombie frappuccino came out yesterday and it is available until Halloween. I normally do not order Starbucks frappuccino, but I will give them credit for the zombie frappuccino. I order this yesterday before I went to work. At first, I was hesitating whether or not to purchase this frappuccino or not and after all I order it in a tall size because I was not sure if I will like it and I was also worry that it will taste like coffee.


  1. It does not have the coffee taste
  2. It is not to sweet nor sour
  3. I love the flavor
  4. Is Instagram and social media worthy


  1. Depending on the size and ingredients, worrying about calories and other nutritional facts
  2. Limited time only
  3. Sugar content can be skeptical for some

Zombie-Frappuccino-FB zombie_frappu.0 IMG_20171026_094137[1]Another factor that I really love this frappuccino is that it is a few ingredients and it is made with mostly natural flavorings. The ingredients will be on the Starbucks website to get more information and also for dietary purposes whenever you plan to purchase.


Tall (small): $4.75

Grande (medium): $5.75 (estimate guess)

Venti (large): $6.75 (estimate guess)

Is it worth the price? And when will it be available again?:

As I mentioned before, I don’t normally order Starbucks frappuccinos; however, I would credit Starbucks for making this Halloween frappuccino also known as the Zombie Frappuccino. I feel like it is worth the price depending on the size and the taste. I would not think that I would like the zombie frappuccino because I don’t drink coffee and I don’t like the taste of coffee either. Overall, I love the flavor because it tasted more natural without any artificial sweeteners and the aftertaste. The availability is a limited time only offer and I am hoping that it be next October.





Family Day at the U. S. Space and Rocket Center

Good afternoon everyone, it has been over two weeks since my last post. And I made a vow that I would start posting twice a week, but due to work and “writer’s block” I was unable to come up with great ideas for these posts. It has been over two weeks since school started back and I forgot to post the event that took place at US Space and Rocket Center.

And hence,  my twin sister, who works at the US Space and Rocket Center as a museum presenter got us free admission tickets to attend this event. There was this family day event at the Space Center where there was food, fun, giveaways, and so forth that were free. This annual event occurs before school starts for the children (grades pre-K-12).


I will give a brief history of the US Space and Rocket before talking about the event which occurred the week before school started for the kids. The US Space and Rocket Center was established in 1965 located in Huntsville, Alabama (close to Redstone Arsenal). It is known for the history of various astronauts, space travels, artifacts, space camp, and so forth. The above picture is the Saturn I.

General Admission:

$24 for adults (at least age 13)

$16 for children (5 to 12)

Free for children under 4

They even provide discount for military, college students, seniors (55 and above), NASA civil service and retirees, TVA employees and retirees, and so forth.


The latest exhibit at the space center known as the “Science of Rock n’ Roll”. One of the equipment “music creator” I don’t remember the actual name.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Makenzie (Kiki) and Michael Jr. on the drum set


Makenzie (Kiki) and Michael Jr. at astronaut cutouts

We took one of our nieces and nephews to the special event that took place at the US Space and Rocket Center where there was kid friendly attractions and they even got some attractions for little children (ages 8 and under). Overall, the event itself is a family friendly and it also pet friendly. I almost for to mention that there was free food catered by Lawler’s Barbecue (I forgot to take pictures), games such as bingo, ring toss using sodas and other beverages, etc, and giveaways. We all had a great time at the space center especially with our niece and nephew. Hopefully, this next time this event will take place again at the same place and there will be seasonal.

Just Bought a Camera from Amazon!

Good evening everyone, it has been a while since my last post and I apologize for leaving you guys hanging. I have been very busy due to work and personal reasons. Any how, I hope you all had a good 4th of July holiday last week. I will be starting a YouTube channel really soon about lifestyle about being on an autism spectrum disorder and other development disabilities. I will be targeting more in adolescents, young adults, and parents of children with autism spectrum disorder. I will also include places I have been in the Huntsville, Alabama area or surrounding areas, product reviews, natural hair, and so forth.

Any how, let’s talk about this camera which I have got from 20170716_113942[1]

The cost of this camera was $89.00 before tax which I did not think it is a bad price especially if you are on a tight budget when it comes to purchasing cameras $150 or below. It comes in two colors silver and black. This camera is also budget friendly, but prices may vary depending on the color.

This camera is also good for vlogging and taking pictures anywhere you go.

What in the Box?

  • Digital camera
  • AC Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Battery
  • User Instructional Manual
  • Wrist Strap

If you want to get this camera on a budget I will link the website where I purchase it along with the tripod I have just gotten today

That concludes my somewhat “unboxing” post on the camera I have purchased from the Amazon website. I will provide a review on this camera along with the tripod I have purchased with Let me know once I start this channel on YouTube on what topic I should talk about first whether it is dating advice on an autism spectrum, my autism story, and so forth.

Once again I apologize for not blogging I missed you guys. Any how, talk to you guys soon.

Dating on an Autism Spectrum Part II: Marriage and Sex

Good afternoon everyone,

Today is the first day of July and I am moving on to the second half of dating on an autism spectrum where marriage, sex, and family planning take place. Unfortunately, this is the conclusion of the series of “Dating on an Autism Spectrum”. Any how,  I have a few questions for you guys, Do you want to take this relationship to the next level? Were you nervous about your first sexual experience whether or not your partner is on an autism spectrum?  Do you want children in the future and starting a family? Good, so that is what I am going to discuss about this topic. I will also provide question and answer based upon this topic almost at the closing of this discussion. I will be discussing three related topics dealing with long-term relationships which coordinate how to make it work.


Marriage is one of the happiest days we have experience in our lifetimes because we are madly in love with our chosen partners and we want to start a new chapter in our lives since moving out of our parent(s)’s house. However, as people (adolescent through adulthood) on an autism spectrum we are unsure if the marriage will last a long time for some of us due to social awkwardness and fear of commitment. Prior to marriage is dating and then engagement whether or not if the relationship is going to work out almost like in movies and fairy tales because we want to experience in starting a chapter in our lives since being single is not an option for us when dating through marriage is taken place in our lives. In the article by Certified Autism Specialist, Stephanie C. Holmes, MA, BCCC she talks about the 4 C’s in marriage on an autism spectrum: 1. Conflict Resolution, 2. Communication, 3. Conversation, and 4. Connection




Sex is normal in many relationships whether it is dating, engagement, and marriage. People on an autism spectrum are skeptical about what the term “sex” is. It is okay to be nervous if this is your first sexual relations experience. I know only a few to many stay celibate, meaning staying abstinence until marriage. Without sex it could result into intimacy conflicts between two partners and other health related issues. Anxiety also takes place as well resulting in sexless marriages because we are concerned about how will sex feel if it is our first experience. Do not worry too much about, just “go with the flow”. It is normal for some of us to be nervous during our first sexual relationship whether you are on an autism spectrum or not. We all experience nervousness and awkwardness in our first sexual experience.


Family Planning:

Family planning is a part of life with a dramatic change. Babies can change lives in people whether you come from a different environmental surroundings (stable homes and/or broken home). I would want to start a family eventually so I could be a better example for them without choosing the wrong direction in life. Any who, here are two questions for you, Can people on an autism spectrum have children? Or do you want to start a family? The answers are yes, you can have children and start a family just like everybody else. Whether or not if you have children on an autism spectrum, patience is always the key especially if your parent(s) raised you as children with autism.


Although I do not have children of my own, here are a few things you will need to know to raise children whether or not they are on the autism spectrum 1. Patience, 2. Acknowledge, 3. Acceptance, and 4. Understand. Eventually, I will have children soon as long as the father is in the picture and also if wants children as well.

That is the end of this series of “Dating on an Autism Spectrum” hopefully these series will help you start a stable relationship whether you are on an autism spectrum or not. Always remember whoever you choose to be your life partner will understand your well-being and always be aware of yourself and your partner’s actions.

Autistic Pride Day!!

Sunday is usually product review day, but today I want to do something different instead just for you. Since the month of June is Pride Month meaning acceptance, guidance, and so forth by today’s society. Many of us have faced challenges where others tend to shame and/or judge us due to our differences whether you have a disability or the choice of sexual orientation other than heterosexual. There is also hate-crime and discrimination that has taken place in today’s society from harassment to abuse (physically, mentally, verbally).

In honor of Pride Month, June 18th is Autistic Pride Day and also Father’s Day. I want to share my four reasons why I want to support autistic pride day:

  1. I want to be accepted
  2. I want others to understand me
  3. I want to help others who are going through the same crises
  4. I want to end discrimination towards people with certain disabilities

As you all may know, I have high functioning autism and I would like to come around with others who are facing these obstacles whether it is hate crime and/or discrimination. Do anybody you know have these similar form of autism whether it is Asperger’s Syndrome or Pervasive developmental disorder, not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) and still dealing with discrimination by your peers?


Acceptance is always the #1 key in the autism world. People in today’s society are unaware that autism is not curable, but can be treated with speech and cognitive therapy. We all need to be aware in our surroundings when you see other victims with autism being discriminated due to his/her actions believing we are in trouble with society.


Understanding is the #2 key in the autism world. People, nowadays, do not understand the challenges and obstacles we are facing in this society because we are consider “aliens” in their minds meaning we are being defeated by others by using these harsh words like “stupid”, “idiot”, and much worse “retarded”. The use of the “R” word by people who are not willing to understand and to be hateful. We are highly intelligent in an strange way and we also succeed in our successes without having to give up on our goals and achievements.

In closing, since June is pride month I decide I want to share my thoughts about the challenges we are facing in today’s society whether it is sexual orientation or any type of disabilities. Always remember accepting, understanding, supporting, and encouraging others not to discriminated because of his/her challenges. I want to end this with the quote by Amy Sequenzia, “Autism is life. I know. I live it every  day. And I am happy”.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just one week from today and I am really thrilled about the gift ideas for the fathers and father figures in your lives. I know some of us did not grew up without fathers in our lives, but instead have father figures such as stepfathers, male family friends, teachers, and so forth. There are some gift ideas for the fathers in your lives, not just any regular gifts like a suit and tie.

  1. For those who love outdoor sports:

Many of the fathers or father figures in our lives would enjoy outdoor activities just for some bonding time with the children. Outdoor sports for example golf and fishing are essential whenever it is getting up early in the morning for a great spot with the children or meeting with friends at a golf course to practice golf.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2. Made by children in arts and crafts:

Arts and crafts are very essential for children with their creative side and impress their dads with their gifts to make it special without having to buy anything at the store (meaning going the less expensive route). For example, hand printing gifts made by children for a more creative route.


images (1)

3. Other gift ideas for dads:

Going to stores to buy gifts for dads are not just buying ties for him, but a little bit more than just ordinary gifts. For example, tools (working on a woodwork, cars, etc.), balls (bowling, football, baseball, etc), watches, and so forth. These gifts can range from least expensive to more expensive especially for those who are on a tight budget and/or wanting to give him something at the last-minute.

There you have it some great father’s day gift ideas for the dads, dads-to-be, and the father figures in our lives. I hope these ideas are helpful and inspirational for you guys. I know finding gifts for father’s day can be somewhat hectic and also be expensive so that is why I am sharing these ideas for you to make your dads or father figures special. I want to wish all the fathers and father figures a happy early father’s day and remember June 18th is your special day!

Dating on an Autism Spectrum: Continuation of Part 1

Good evening everyone, today is Thursday and you know what that means it is Autism Thursday! This is the continuation of part 1 on dating on an autism spectrum. I forgot to mention the movies and documentaries examples where dating on an autism spectrum takes place. So I will be going over the movies and documentaries that deals with this topic.


  1. Adam: Adam is a romantic drama released in the summer of 2009, directed by Max Mayer. The film takes place in Manhattan, New York about a young adult with Asperger’s Syndrome named, Adam Raki who lives alone in an apartment following the death of his father. Strangely enough a young school teacher and children’s book writer named, Beth Buchwald moved into the apartment above Adam’s and developed an awkward friendship. Adam, who is fascinated with space and galaxy surprised Beth by wearing his space suit while trying to impress her. Although the relationship between Beth and Adam slowly developed due to his autistic behaviors, they have manage to develop a stable boyfriend/girlfriend relationship like going on dates, socializing with Beth’s friends, talking about sexual relationship, etc. Sadly, the relationship did not last very long due to her father stating that Adam is not “dating material” which results in an argument between her and her father along with Adam accusing Beth of being a liar which results in the break up between the two. At the end of the film, Adam is in California working at the observatory with his interest in telescopes and he also receives a package from Beth of her first children’s book inspired by Adam about raccoons.


2. Jane Wants a Boyfriend:  Jane Wants a Boyfriend is an indie, romantic comedy premiere in a 2015 film festival directed by William C. Sullivan. The film takes place in Queens, New York where Jane, a twenty-five year old woman with high functioning autism, who is in desperate need for a suitor for herself without the interference of Bianca, her older sister. Their parents want Jane to move in with Bianca and her fiance, Rob in Brooklyn since they are moving away from Queens. While attending a social gathering, Jane meets a chef named Jack, who seems to take interest into Jane despite her social awkwardness. Much to the dismay of Bianca, she forbids Jack from talking to Jane because she believes he only wants her for “sexual relationships”. Cynthia, Bianca’s friend, and Bianca sets Jane up for a date with Stephen, who has similar condition as Jane, which results in a disaster after he states that Cynthia did not tell him about Jane and becomes very upset about the statement along with Bianca going against her wishes. At the end of the film, Jane and Jack shared their first kiss after Bianca’s play and Bianca is happy for Jane to have a boyfriend like Jack.




  1. Autism in Love: Autism in Love, directed by Matt Fuller, takes a tale of four adults with autism in managing relationships. These four adults with autism: Dave and Lindsey, who have been dating for eight years and seeking in marriage despite the fact they are high functioning on an autism spectrum. Stephen, who has been married to his terminal ill wife, Gita for twenty years and later lost her battle to ovarian cancer leaving him a widower. Lenny, who struggles to accept in condition which results in anger stating that “he wish he was not autistic” and later in the film he was able to get  a job by working at the grocery store. These adults with autism had their trials and tribulation when it comes to starting relationship along with marriage.




2. How to Dance in Ohio: How to Dance in Ohio, directed by Alexandra Shiva, takes the tales of adolescents and young adults with autism exercising in social and communication skills while in preparation of the spring formal. These young women, Marideth Bridges (spends the majority of her time at home on the computer), Jessica Sullivan (lives with her parents and works at a bakery), and Caroline McKenzie (a student attending community college and has a boyfriend) are all looking forward in attending the spring formal while dealing with other trials and tribulations. The filming took place in Columbus, Ohio and was premiere in the Sundance Festival in late 2015.


And that concludes the second half of Part 1 about dating on an autism spectrum. There will be part 2 coming soon where I talk about marriage and starting a family on an autism spectrum. Make sure you share your opinions on the comment section below this post and let me know what you think about this series so far. And also, do not hesitate to give me any feedback and ask questions about this series. Be on the lookout for part 2 of this series and take care.









Product Review #2

Good evening everyone!

Today, well yesterday was product review but I am making up for yesterday’s post!

Today I will reviewing one of the Carol’s Daughter shampoos and conditioners. But before I review the products I will give a brief summary of the company.

Lisa Price, the founder of Carol’s Daughter, launched her online business in 1993 in her Brooklyn hometown and opened her first store in 1999. Prior to the official launch year, she was working on the set of The Cosby Show in the 1980s and during her leisure time she would make homemade beauty products with natural ingredients (jojoba oil, cocoa butter, etc.). The company, Carol’s Daughter is named after her mother, Carol Hutson. She also does body and skin products beside hair products such as body lotion, body oil, facial cleanser, etc. For more information of her products go to

I purchased the Sacred Tiare shampoo and conditioner at my local Walmart at a discounted price for $7 and $9. Usually, her beauty products retail between $12 to $65 depending on the set or just one item itself.

The Benefits for these Products:

  • Sulfate free
  • Paraben free
  • Petroleum free
  • Does not contain mineral oil
  • No artificial coloring

What it Does:

  • Restores strength
  • Prevents damage
  • Eliminates frizz


From the scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this an 8.5/10 because of its natural ingredients that works well for my hair type. Overall, these products helps prevents breakage and frizz since I have kinky, coily hair and they also works well with any hair type from straight to coily. However, they are some mixed emotions about this brand of shampoo and conditioner from others who have tried whether it does not work one’s hair type or does not like the products at all.

That concludes the review on Carol’s Daughter Sacred Tiare shampoo and conditioner. I am glad I have got a chance to share my review on these products I have mentioned. Be on the look out for this Sunday’s product review, it is a surprise so I am not going to tell you what it is. And also on this Thursday I will resume the series of relationships on an autism spectrum and it is the continuation of Part 1. See you later!

Gardein Fishless Filets Review

Good evening, everyone!

Today is Product Review Sunday and the product is Fishless Filets by Gardein. It has more than a year since I began purchasing this product. I could not believe it taste like the real thing, except no fish were harm while making this product. This review is going to brief since tomorrow is Memorial Day and I want to share this review to you guys!

I am going to give a brief summary about the Gardein company. Gardein is a international company located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada which was found by a chef and culinary expert, Yves Potvin. The company is known for their meat-free and vegan friendly products from holiday roast to the beefless beef tips and so forth. They even have a second located which it is in California.



This is one of my favorite faux seafood products I have ever purchase from my local grocery store of choice. It almost taste similar to real fish except it is made from plant based products. Although I am not a vegan, I became a fanatic of this fish-free filets since I first purchase it. Even the non vegans and vegetarians can be easily fooled believing it is real fish except it is vegan. I would normally buy at my local Kroger or at Walmart for a cheaper route, but there are also available at Target, Whole Foods, Earth Fare, etc. I will rate this a 10 out of 10 for their quality of taste and easy preparations.

The serving size is two pieces in a six count package for 180 calories. Down below is the nutrition facts of the fishless filets.


So that wraps up the product review for today and check back on Sundays for another product review. Also, feel free to check the website at for more information about this product and/or other Gardein food products. Okay everyone I will see you next time!